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The cabin experts

Nowadays comfortable conditions in the cabin are standard. In addition to the important aesthetic aspects, they generate significant financial benefits by increasing productivity. Operators working in comfortable conditions rarely have problems with tiredness or health. They can work longer in full focus, making them more efficient.

HENMAR cabins are designed according to this philosophy. By maximal glazing, an increased sense of space and visibility is achieved. Ventilation systems provide fresh air during hot summers as well as in extremely cold temperatures, and window defrosting systems ensure proper visibility. In order to obtain the optimal temperature, windows with an appropriate level of UV transmission are applied. In addition, a range of upholstery and insulation materials is responsible for thermal insulation. These materials also have high acoustic properties allowing reduction of the noise level. Central consoles with switches make the control of electric receivers even more ergonomic. Pleasant work is also supported by music flowing from an audio system equipped with a number of communication standards.

More details during our product trainings.

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